List of banned yet powerful books that shaped the world

Throughout history, fiction has always faced the censorship of so called authorities. Whether it be themes of politics, religion, or it just has a lot of sex in it, We call’em banned yet powerful books.

 Here we are summarizing a list of books that are banned by officials yet people are reading them. Somehow they’ve changed the world.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (MacMillan Alice) : Formerly banned in the province of Hunan, China, beginning in 1931,for its portrayal of anthropomorphized animals acting on the same level of complexity as human beings. The censor General Ho Chien believed that attributing human language to animals was an insult to humans. He feared that the book would teach children to regard humans and animals on the same level, which would be “disastrous”

An Area of Darkness: His Discovery of India : Banned in India for its negative portrayal of India and its people. An Area of Darkness is V. S. Naipaul’s semi-autobiographical account – at once painful and hilarious, but always thoughtful and considered – of his first visit to India, the land of his forebears. He was twenty-nine years old; he stayed for a year. From the moment of his inauspicious arrival in Prohibition-dry Bombay, bearing whisky and cheap brandy, he experienced a cultural estrangement from the subcontinent. It became for him a land of myths, an area of darkness closing up behind him as he traveled

The Anarchist Cookbook : Banned in Australia, Perhaps the most notorious How To manual on the market. This is the most asked for book that we know of. Is it any good? Well, it’s now in its 29th printing since 1971, has chapters on home preparation of weapons, electronics, drugs, and explosives. Extensively illustrated.

By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept : Banned in Canada from 1945-75 under the influence of Smart’s family’s political power due to its sexual documentation of Smart’s affair with a married man. It explores a passion between a man and two women, one of them his wife – a love both despairing and triumphant.

The Da Vinci Code : Banned in September 2004 in Lebanon after Catholic leaders deemed it offensive to Christianity. Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon and French cryptologist Sophie Neveu work to solve the murder of an elderly curator of the Louvre, a case which leads to clues hidden in the works of Da Vinci and a centuries-old secret society.

The Truth About Muhammad: Founder of the World’s Most Intolerant Religion : On December 20, 2006, the government of Pakistan announced a ban on Spencer’s book, citing “objectionable material” as the cause. In the book the author proposes to present an account of what Muhammad said and did from the writings of the early biographers of Muhammad such as Ibn Ishaq, Ibn Sa’d al-Baghdadi, Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari as well as the Qur’an and the hadith collections of Bukhari and Muslim. In the examination of the early sources, Spencer gives his view on the events of Muhammad’s life which are invoked by contemporary Islamic clerics, governments, advocates and Yusuf al-Qaradawi today as a standard for their behavior

Burgers Daughter : Banned in South Africa in July 1979 for going against the government’s racial policies; the ban was reversed in October of the same year.

Animal Farm : Completed in 1943, Orwell found that no publisher would print the book, due to its criticism of the USSR, an important ally of Britain in the War. Once published, the book was banned in the USSR and other communist countries. In 2002, the novel was banned in the schools of the United Arab Emirates, because it contained text or images that goes against Islamic values, most notably the occurrence of an anthropomorphic, talking pig. The book is still banned in North Korea, and censored in Vietnam.

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